Short Description: X Meaning serves as an aid to learning a foreign language by allowing translators to use annotators to produce a document in the source language and annotate it with translation information and share with students or the community.

The ability to speak multiple languages is increasingly important to being successful in today’s highly competitive job market. xMeaning, an Australian technology company, wanted to make learning a language more accessible while empowering teachers and translators. So, they created an app which allows teachers to make translation guidance and content available to their students and to the community. Regardless of the size of the content, teachers and translators would retain DRM rights and copyright to the translation information they have provided, and any revenue that might be obtained from this.

By design, no machine translation is involved. A skilled translator or teacher uses the xMeaning editor/annotators to produce a document in the source language and annotates it with translation information. The annotations provide dictionary meanings of words and phrases, and then provide further elucidation of phrases and sentences with an “in-context” meaning. The in-context meaning is intended to convey the full nuances of the intention of the original document.

xMeaning was designed to aid self-paced learning by providing the ability to hide or show translation information, both from a dictionary and in-context. Samples of the annotator output are available at