Short Description: Winjit Technologies’ Jeevan Pani app helps both drive awareness of the issue of water conservation and encourages conservation of water in India’s Maharashtra state, by providing citizens with access to information on water usage and allowing them to calculate and report their usage and then share the information on social networking sites.

In India, water conservation is an increasingly critical challenge. The state of Maharashtra is no exception. Reeling under a severe drought, it forced citizens to rethink their water usage and maximize their water efficiency.

To assist citizens in water conservation efforts, Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd developed Jeevan Pani, meaning “water is life”. This app helps both drive awareness of the issue of water conservation and encourages the conservation of water. With this free app available in both English and a regional language (Marathi), citizens will be able to report wastage of water by taking photographs and specifying locations of the instances. All images are saved on the Windows Azure Cloud technology platform, which allows Winjit Technologies to analyze the photos to build reports as well as publish the photos to their blog.

The app is also educational, allowing users to access information about water usage including government statistics like the average usage in their city per day. It helps users calculate how much water they use and save as well. The app is able to compare user water usage to preferred usage as specified by the government, and either alerts the user that they are using too much water or shows them how much water they are saving. Users that save water earn credit points, which can then be shared on social networking sites.