Short Description: A solution which consolidates the most sought after emergency services: police, fire and ambulance with a phone app, operator console and reporting application.

While there are existing channels through which people in India can seek emergency help, callers are often disconnected and the service is not always optimized for citizens in a panic. High profile incidents in India have raised nation-wide concerns about the effectiveness of emergency services. To address this prominent issue, Ashish and his team Avinash, Manish, Nagesh and Amit from Infosys Pune, spent weekends and took out time from their regular work to create a multi-dimensional solution called the ‘Help Me’ app, which is currently operational in English and Marathi. The solution consolidates the most sought after emergency services: police, fire and ambulance, through three components:

  1. Phone Application
  2. Operator Console
  3. Reporting Application

The phone app offers a simple and straight forward user interface. Users just click on "Police", "Fire" or "Ambulance" icons and the system will prompt if the user is in a position to provide more information. The app will send a request immediately to the respective control room with all the details available along with the current location of the user. At the time of emergency, the user need not provide much information as the app in advance stores all the necessary details (e.g. name, address, medical history, disability information, emergency contact, Facebook account details etc.) when s/he installs the app on the phone.

The operator console is a web based multi-tenant application. Each control room will have defined access levels for emergency types and the corresponding requests will appear in the respective dashboards.

Meanwhile, the reporting application provides various reports that give insight into the data that can be used for various statistics and analytics.

Through the Help-Me app, the Infosys team hopes that the community will be more confident in the effectiveness of emergency services and rely on the solution in times of need.