Short Description: The Blue Clover app is aimed at improving the quality of life for the 347 million people affected by diabetes in Australia. The diabetes management app records nutritional information for all food and drink consumed each day, stores the information and allows users to easily share that information with doctors and family.

Today, 347 million people are affected by diabetes, with this number expected to increase to more than 500 million by 2030. Diabetes cannot be cured and treatment consists of management. If not managed well, the long-term effects such as cardiovascular disease, blindness or kidney failure are much more likely to develop. In Trinary Logic’s home country of Australia, the National Diabetes Services Scheme reports that 64 percent of all cardio-vascular disease deaths in Australia occur in people with diabetes. Additionally 41 percent of people with diabetes are depressed or "burned out" from coping with their diabetes.

Diabetes management is an ongoing daily commitment that involves taking medication and recording food eaten, then measuring and recording blood sugar levels. Regular visits to a specialist are also required. For instance, for a diabetic, eating a snack involves recording the nutrition values of the snack in a logbook then measuring and recording their blood sugar level in their logbook. As a result, for many of those affected, diabetes management can result in significant time and financial costs.

To address the complex issue of diabetes management, Trinary Logic thought up the BlueClover app. BlueClover ("Blue" is the international colour of diabetes and "clover" is a plant representing health and wellbeing) revolutionizes the current diabetes management approach by utilizing the latest mobile and cloud technologies such as object recognition and augmented reality. The app allows the user to quickly and easily capture and record data by scanning a food or barcode with their camera phone. This data is then securely stored in Microsoft HealthVault, an online health record database which is approved for medical use in both the US and the UK. This way, the user can freely view, retrieve and share their health data with their family and with their doctor anywhere with an internet connection.

As a pen-and-paper logbook replacement, BlueClover offers several features only possible through the use of the latest mobile and cloud technologies. The application contains a simple and intuitive logbook. Packaged foods can simply be scanned with the user's phone camera.

The next goal is to obtain ethical clearance for clinical trials. Clinical professors have already praised the app, with one calling it the best medical application he has seen. While there is no cure for diabetes, apps like BlueClover are designed to improve the quality of life of those suffering from the disease by reducing the time and costs of managing the disease.