Short Description: The Blood Donors Network app addresses the Philippine’s need to increase blood collection by building and maintaining a sustainable community of voluntary blood donors.

Blood Donors Network is an app that builds and maintains a sustainable community of voluntary blood donors in the Philippines. In 2011, the Philippine Red Cross reported the country’s total blood collection was 550,000 units, which was 400,000 units below what is needed by the population, meaning that 80,0000 patients were not provided blood when they immediately needed it.

Joel Barquez, CEO and Co-Founder of Blood Donors Network created this app to address the need for blood donors, a need he knows too well. In 1997, he was hospitalized with dengue fever and needed to undergo an immediate blood transfusion, but it was extremely difficult since the blood supply was so low, requiring his relatives to call several people and encourage them to donate blood.

The Blood Donors Network app was designed as a crowd-sourced web and mobile platform for the Red Cross, hospitals, blood donors and recipients. It provides a solution to help communities to meet their blood donation needs by increasing the acquisition of new blood donors, increasing the retention rate of existing donors and establishing comprehensive data on donors.

In addition, web and mobile applications will make blood donation social through gamification by providing these blood donors “hero badges”. They would be recognized among the blood donors community, health organizations and agencies nationwide, will be provided free annual physical examinations, the privilege of getting 20 to 30 percent discounts in fitness and health centers, and other incentives depending on the workable business models that would be adopted or developed for Blood Donors Network, as well as the support system to be further established with various institutions, corporations, and other stakeholders.